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Team building app based activities

Social networks, mobile applications and other similar technologies are fast becoming essential parts of the daily lives of many smartphone users. At the same time, the number of smartphone users continues to increase. As a result of this, companies are looking for ways to incorporate these technologies into their businesses. One way to do this is through the use of mobile applications for teamwork activities.

We have perfected the art of the participation of your employees and personnel from all corporate levels and we have become promoters of teamwork dynamics.


Our mobile application simplifies the group integration experience by merging the physical world with the digital world, putting a modern touch to team building; making it new, exciting and innovative. These team-building exercises based on an application can also make participants feel more comfortable. This modern technology is helping to make team building much more effective. We recognize the importance of innovating and improving the experience of our clients, so we have put our experience in group integration events in the creation of this application and offer you the option that will be the perfect for your group and the type of activity you are looking for. The result is this application that allows executing a more intelligent, interactive and efficient group integration dynamic and team building activity. This means that more companies can benefit from uncomplicated events, which are fun, enjoyable and effective. This mobile application activity puts the teams to work together to complete the challenges, decide the course to follow and where to navigate, solve problems and clues, and capture evidence throughout the activity. Participants complete the challenges by presenting answers in a variety of ways: - Capture the moment with a photo or a video - Answer questions by writing your answers or choosing multiple options, get to specific places guided by GPS - Complete challenges that unlock hidden clues to reveal rewards This app based activity also allows companies to execute teamwork events for groups of all sizes, at any time and in multiple locations at the same time. Traveling or having a physical location will not be a limiting factor. Teams can even work together with other teams in other places or offices that are in other parts of the world.


The Incredible Urban Race

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Explor-APP your City

Teams will be tasked to complete lineal challenges, meaning they must complete one challenge successfully in order to unlock the next one using cryptic clues.

The more challenges completed successfully the closer your team will get to obtaining the final clue to the final location, it is up to each team to agree on how to complete each one of the challenges.

Using our application, we will send teams in a digital scavenger hunt. Fun interactive photo and video challenges with some trivia thrown in will have teams working together.

Your group is divided into teams, each team receives instructions on how to download and log into the app, your private activity access code is provided.

When walking, with or without destination, our bodies travel to the speed of our mind.

Explor-app your City is a fun, interactive and different way to discover the stories and curiosities of each corner of a city that combines history and entertainment.

An engaging way of spending time with colleagues, sharing good times together, interacting with the public.

Our app shows you exactly how to get to each spot using the integrated map.

Get to know your group

Team VS Team!


Are you looking for an ice-breaker or an activity to break some barriers and improve communication?

With this VIRTUAL event or in person, teams get to know interesting facts about each other, this is a social scavenger hunt perfect for teams that just merged, to enforce ties and create bonds with those who think they already know each other in a fun and interactive way!

This is a perfect activity when taking into consideration communication and team’s comfort levels are high already.

This event ensures all participants have equal opportunity to shine, breaking inherited barriers that come with years of hierarchy, department divisions, work tasks and assignments, job titles and physical office locations.

Is a group discussion to produce ideas or solve problems.

You have done it before; remember all of those sticky notes, or flip charts posted all over?

Then having the task to sort them and somewhat, make sense of them all?

We have the perfect solution; through our app and ONLINE or in person we can create trivia or open text to allow team’s ideas, or solutions.

With photo /video challenges to capture that work flow.

Pay it in Advance

Generosity Acts at Random

Quarantining together

This is a new version of an old concept.

The concept is very simple, pay it in advance, performing as many good deeds as possible during the time allocated to earn points and climb to the leaderboard.

Teams will have to use their time wisely, work as a team, strategize and think outside the norm.

Random acts of generosity are done to encourage people to be nice and help strangers, with no other reason but to make recipients feel happy by an spontaneous or planed random acts and brighten their day, even if is just for one short moment.

This activity gives your team the perfect excuse to help others and make their day.

Now more than ever it is very important to remain as a unit and increase the morale of the group, especially keeping in touch even when working from home and remotely.

Get everyone involved while working remotely with this new and unconventional concept, where teams will try to improve their score in a battle of creativity.

TV Game show and Contest

School Support

Make Music Together

Get immerse in a TV game show style activity, completing photo and video challenges, as well as answering trivia quizzes divided into different categories, like general culture, sports, history etc.

This is a high energy VIRTUAL  as well as in person teambuilding activity available anywhere, anytime and for any group size for any length of time you need it for.

This is a great way to support schools by providing school supplies that will benefit deserving kids in the community, having participants interacting and sharing their own school experiences, completing challenges inspired in the TV show, are you smarted than a 5th grade? And also based on school themes.

A company, like an orchestra, can only succeed when all parts work in harmony. Based on the completed challenges, each team chooses a different instrument (like plastic buckets, tubes, plastic boxes with nails inside, etc.) We will then guide your group so that together they have fun, sing and play music like a great orchestra.

Discover the Secret Code!

The Crime of the Century!

Escape the APP

Is your group ready to break the code?

This activity will test the knowledge of the participants when competing and solving clues.

Perfect for groups of any size, anywhere and can be adapted to any time frame your group has available, entirely ONLINE, and when ready, in person too.

Teams will know right away if their answers are correct, you will see teams celebrating these multiple little victories.

Gather your group, virtually, to compete in this activity that requires cooperation, WHO DUNNIT?

A crime has been committed, we have asked you here today to help us solve this case and find the person responsible and to bring justice to the family.

This activity requires thinking outside the box, analyzing clues, through the process of elimination and finding the person responsible.

Ready to meet in person? We are too.

Keep your cool in a race against the clock!

Feel the tension of an Escape Room in the comfort of your office or home!

In this challenging game, you and your team mates are going to solve puzzles and find hidden clues.

The game is going to be tense, as you only have a limited time to escape.

If you have played an Escape Room before, then prepare for a completely new experience, 100% ONLINE.

And using our app in person option.

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